Macromanagement of Commercial SMS

What is SMS+?

SMS+ is a web-application by Haupria that allows you to schedule, manage and send hundreds to thousands of SMS to your clients.

How was I involved?

SMS+ had already a first functional version, but it needed a complete recast that follows more the new standards of Haupria. I was in charge that recast : From draft to delivery, I've carefully crafted this web-application under the direct orders of Haupria CEO.

Present Days

The application is up and running on Haupria server, and is used by clients based in Senegal, France and Martinique. I'm no longer involved in its evolution, but feel free to visit the homepage.

Technologies Used

Frameworks : Smarty Framework,Bootstrap Framework.
Languages : PHP/MySQl, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3.
OS : Yosemite Mac.