About Me

Freelance developer, I'm not currently available for the working market.

Multitalented, innovative hardworker with a passion for new experience and cats videos.

  • Autonomous

    A quality that only the very few values until they realize some people cannot evolve until someone tells them to. Being quick to adapt is the key to survival, be in nature or in business.

  • Creative

    An intuitive mind filled with ideas. A hacker mindset that helps to deliver solutions. An out of the box thinker who will make the impossible, possible.

  • Learning Sponge

    Today's era keeps people on the edge where knowledge and information are dispensed efficiently in a click or two. Staying up to date and learning on the go are qualities that a lot pretends to have but only the few delivers. Cédric conveys this is as personal pride.

  • Self-Disciplined

    Handling stress. Meeting deadlines. Adapt to new respective deadlines and taking control of the flow. Cédric is committed to perform the job: the job to deliver no matter what. It's that simple.

Collaborated with

  • Ineo ES
  • GenApi
  • Haupria

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